The gift of energy is a practical, thoughtful gift for any occasion. With Prairie Land Electric's Gift of Electricity program, you can make a payment toward a friend or family member's energy bill.

During challenging times or a special occasion, the Gift of Electricity is is an especially practical and thoughtful gesture, as well as a convenient gift for any occasion. You can purchase any amount and give to a Prairie Land Electric member of your choice. It’s a great for anyone facing financial hardship, adult children living on their own, your hard-to-buy-for parent, a loved one on a fixed budget or just a practical gift for a friend.


Simply fill out and print the form at the bottom of the page and mail to Prairie Land Electric Cooperative, Inc. with a check or money order in the amount you wish to give. 

Your gift will be added to the recipient’s Prairie Land Electric Cooperative, Inc. account and they will receive a Gift of Electricity receipt.  (Please allow up to one week for your gift payment to be applied.)

If you wish, you can add a message to the certificate, or you can also choose to remain anonymous.


Please note:

•You must name a recipient-We are unable to choose a random recipient for you. 

•We are only accepting gift payments by check or money order. 

•You decide on an artwork and then what to print in the "amount", "to", "from" and "message" fields.

•The recipient is mailed a receipt. It is not a gift certificate, since the amount will already have been applied to the account.

•Please complete the form, then print and mail it to the Norton office with your payment. Forms are also available at the offices and can be mailed to you on request.

•Please include your information in case we need clarification on who the recipient should be. 

Thank you for giving the Gift of Electricity and lighting up someone’s day!

2023 Christmas Gift of Electricity
This is the current seasonal design for the gift certificate.


Complete and print the form.