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Board of Trustees


Ronald Griffith, President 216 W. Court, Smith Center, KS. 66967 (785) 282-0736

Mike Rogers, Vice President 

195 Rd 18, St. Francis 67756

(785) 332-3064

Sandra J. Benoit, Secretary 

209 N.  Oak,  Damar 67632 (785) 839-4424

Robert Paxson, Treasurer

2799 200th Ave, Penokee, KS 67659 (785) 421-5660

Ivan Bohl   

8285 Road J, Norton 67654  (785) 877-2984

Donald Solko 

33204 Road X, Herndon 67739 (785) 322-5574

Jerry Gallagher

424 E 6th St., Concordia, KS. 66901 (785) 243-1879

William Peterson

207 E. 2nd St., Clifton, KS. 66937 (785) 455-3543

Otto Levin

523 N. Main St. Kensington, KS. 66951 (785) 476-2498

Eric Witmer

315 S. 5th St. Phillipsburg, KS.67661 (785) 543-5020
Keith Ross 339 W. 1500  Long Island, KS. 67647 

(785) 854-7604

 KEC Trustee  KEPCo Trustee                   Mid-Kansas Trustee Sunflower Trustees
Keith Ross  William Peterson                      Chuck Look Jerry Gallagher and Chuck Look
Alt.- Chuck Look  Alt.- Chuck Look               Alt. - Kirk Girard Alt- Mike Rogers and Kirk Girard


Vote Dist

Trustee District No. 1 The counties of Cheyenne, Rawlins, Sherman, and Thomas.

     Mike Rogers, St. Francis     Donald Solko,  Herndon

Trustee District No. 2:  The counties of Decatur, Norton, and Phillips.

Eric Witmer, Phillipsburg       Ivan Bohl, Norton       Keith Ross, Long Island

Trustee District No. 3:  The counties of Sheridan, Graham, and Rooks.

 Robert Paxson, Penokee     Sandy Benoit, Damar   

Trustee District No. 4:  The counties of Smith, Jewell, Osborne, and Mitchell.

Ronald Griffith. Smith Center   Otto Levin, Kensington

    Trustee District No. 5:  The counties of Republic, Washington, Cloud, and Clay.

    Jerry Gallagher, Concordia        William Peterson,  Clifton